1. Time-Out

    After 100 episodes of Conversations with a Twitter Feed, we’re giving ourselves and our insane production schedule a break. We’ll be back, probably. In the mean time, every episode is here.


  2. Jill Morris chats with Jill Morris (@JillMorris)

    Jill is a writer and performer living in Brooklyn. She’s written for The Onion and McSweeney’s and is the author of “Please Fire Me: Posts from the Revolting Workplace”.

    Watch Jill chat with… herself.

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  3. Max Silvestri (@maxsilvestri) chats with John Cusack News (@JohnCusackNews)

    Max is a comedian living in NYC and the host of of the award-winning Big Terrific comedy showcase.

    Watch Max investigate John Cusack News’ report of John Cusack’s sudden appointment to Archbishop of the Catholic Church.

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  4. Cory Cavin (@corycavin‎) chats with Mr. T (@MrT)

    Cory Cavin is a comedian, actor, writer, producer living in New York City. He loves life, and like most girls, just wants to have fun.

    Cory desperately wants to be friends with Mr. T. Watch the two of them talk about it.

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  5. Frank Hejl (@frankhejl) chats with Billy Corgan (@Billy)

    Frank Hejl is an actor, writer, and improviser performing at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre.

    Watch Frank chat with his guitar hero, Billy Corgan.

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